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Community Relations Committee (CRC)



The mission of the CRC of the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, in partnership with its affiliate the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, is to advocate for Jewish interests and values, dedicate ourselves to the safety and security of the State of Israel, and foster constructive relationships within the Jewish community and among people of all faiths and cultures in order to promote a just, democratic and pluralistic American society. ​

CRC Events CRC Events

Israel Advocacy

The CRC brought a number of notable experts on Israel and international affairs to educate the community and stimulate valuable discussions and debate:

  • David Makofsky (Washington Institute) debated how to find commonality in the peace process with Ghaith Al-Omari (American Task Force in Palestine).
  • Noam Shalit recounted his experiences when his son Gilad was abducted by Hamas and held for five years. He also spoke about the controversial exchange when 1000 Palestinian prisoners were released in return for the return of Gilad to Israel.
  • In the wake of Israel’s election, Gil Hoffman (Jerusalem Post) provided a behind-the-scenes look inside the country’s political arena.
  • United Against Nuclear Iran briefed the community on how close Iran is to the bomb and what citizens can do to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.
  • David Olesker (Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training) provided concrete skills to advocate on behalf of Israel.

The CRC produced a video in honor of Israel’s 65th birthday, which featured many in our Jewish community sending their best wishes and recounting their own Israel memories.

Holocaust Remembrance

The CRC’s 2014 Yom Hashoah community commemoration drew more than 300 people, including a large number of students. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, there was a performance of “My Heart in a Suitcase” to much acclaim.  

Speak Out!


When you have issues you would like to address with your United States senators and Representatives, use the information below to contact them. If you wish to discuss the matter in a public format, contact information for The Tennessean is also provided.

Intergroup Relations: Helping the Jewish Community Connect

Our Work in Schools

  • The CRC was highly active and visible in the state’s textbook review process. After researching textbooks – and proposed state standards for those books – for inaccuracies and bias against Judaism and Israel, the CRC submitted numerous reviews, and then testified in front of the state’s Textbook Commission about the problematic books. The CRC also worked with publishers to correct inaccuracies and in many cases, up to 80% of its suggestions were adopted.
  • The CRC presented a well-received program at Montgomery Bell Academy on how religious minorities can thrive at school. This event was co-sponsored by a large number of private and public schools and community organizations.
  • The CRC quickly and effectively responded when Jewish families experienced anti-Semitism, anti-Israel bias, and the blurring of the line between church and state at school.
  • The CRC distributed a four-year calendar of Jewish holidays to public and private K-12 schools, as well as universities, to educate them about the needs of Jewish students.

Click here to download a PDF Four-Year Calendar of Jewish Holy Days. The calendar covers years 2018-2022.